How to Build a Relationship with the Universe (and Co-create a Magical Life)

Mitchell Wilson


Mitchell Wilson


Feb 9, 2023

How to Build a Relationship with the Universe (and Co-create a Magical Life)

Literally, just ask the universe for what you want, and don’t fuck up your end of the deal.

The universe is an incomprehensible mystery that starts with a miracle. You just happen to be here for the tiniest of fleeting moments in the grand scheme of things.

It’s magic!

Of course nothing makes total sense!

Who said it had to?

You are the universe experiencing itself. 

You’re already in on the game. Why don’t you act like it?

Bump elbows, whisper under your breath. Wink at the universe for that favor and watch it wink back.

It’s only when you forget that you’re connected to it all that you stop feeling connected to it. 

The secret is in the remembering.

Remembering you’re all of it just as much as it’s all of you. Soak it up, take notes, gain experience, and work to fight off the amnesia.

You’re here. Ask.

Ask for what you want.

Know that something is listening, trust that you’ve been heard, then act accordingly.


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