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The Absolute Thrill Of An Entrepreneurial Leap

Mitchell Wilson


Mitchell Wilson


Feb 29, 2024

The Absolute Thrill Of An Entrepreneurial Leap

I’m my own boss now.

That fact still hasn’t fully sunk in yet, but those 5 words bring me an immense amount of joy. It’s something I’ve craved and deeply desired for a decade now and it’s finally happening. IT’S REALLY HAPPENING. And I just want to capture this moment to whatever degree I can because soon I’ll be down deep in the thick of it.

The energy I have for this family business we’re starting feels inexhaustible.

It’s crazy.

The Build Up

This leap has been a decade in the making, with jobs adding skills and knowledge that I’d need.

All those hours spent researching, learning, and studying up in my free time. It’s all compounded up to this point where I can now exploit it. What has been years and years of exploration now gets to be leveraged into real-life gameplay. Put to use. Acted upon. Tested.

The learning mode is switching to direct feedback, unknown territory, and sways of the public.

And I’m ready.

Burning The Boats

There’s no way I’d consider starting Tare part-time and hanging onto the security of my day job.

As you likely know by now from the rest of these articles, I’m a burn-the-boats kind of guy. All in. No turning back. Let’s do this. Let’s engage fully. Let’s take aim and take big risks carefully. 1 week ago I left the day job and now it’s full entrepreneurship mode. The last 7 days have felt like 21 with how much flow I’m tapping into - I love it.

The goal is to open the store in April and there’s a ton to do. And every little task feels so meaningful to accomplish now that I’m operating on my own thing.

If you’re of a similar breed, I highly recommend the entrepreneurial leap.

Up & To The Right

This is only the beginning of what I deem to be a lifelong adventure.

There’s no limit to what’s possible. I’m now only limited by perseverance, stacks of good decisions, and creativity. The world feels brand new.

It’s got a glimmer to it.

Of freedom.

Build top-tier mental wealth

Let's keep your soul off airplane mode.

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