Mitchell Wilson

👋🏼 Mitchell here.

Once a week I write a newsletter about insights for living a more wholesome & deeper life.

One that's more:
• magic
• fun
• and optimized for meaning

I'm always on the hunt for gold nuggets of wisdom, dreams, and synchronicities.

📍 Welcome to my online home!

Writing ✏️

Each week, I write a newsletter where I dive deep into the study of:

• Self
• Meaning
• And Truth

To find those gold nuggets of wisdom that allow us to live a more wholesome life in these strange times.

Interests 👁

•Building communities related to the Altered States economy
• Peak states & peak performance
• Dreamwork
• Somatics
• Psychedelic Renaissance & Cannabis Industry
• Homesteading
• No-Code
• Optimal Being & living a! 🙌

I'm a family man. 🏠

👩🏼 Amelia

She keeps me humble.
Typically found making artisan sourdough and herbal medicine.

👧🏼 Sage

She keeps me sharp.
Queen of chickens, maker of endless art.

👦🏼 Jasper

He keeps me laughing.
Strange noises, always smiling.

Projects 🔨

I've been known to moonlight a few side projects outside of my day job.

Psychedelic Grad 🎓

Building a career in the psychedelic space is hard and confusing.

I thought there ought to be a community for all the up-and-coming psychedelic professionals. (Apparently 900+ others think the same.)

I was fortunate to create my own Bachelor of Science degree focused in Neuroscience where I dedicated all my:

• research
• classwork
• papers
• and extracurricular activities

To learning as much as I could about:

flow states
• psychedelics
• and peak performance

Paradocx 🪂

Outside of a Facebook group and a rinky outdated site, there wasn't a place to buy and sell skydiving gear and equipment.

Paradocx was my attempt at building a marketplace for the skydiving community.(This project was my own personal MBA program and while it didn't work, I derived immense value out of that 10 months for only ~$1500.)

The skydiving industry is where I had my very first job at 16 packing parachutes.

I became obsessed and spent the next ~ 7 years, eventually even getting to get paid to jump out of planes with a GoPro.

Goal: live a super whole life

Truth-seeking in the modern world requires a fresh perspective.