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Let's keep your soul off airplane mode.

The Importance of Taking Your Soul Off Airplane Mode

Mitchell Wilson


Mitchell Wilson


Feb 8, 2023

The Importance of Taking Your Soul Off Airplane Mode

There is something important deep down inside of you, paying attention 24/7 365 to all senses on all dimensions.

It eagerly awaits your conversation, but it's preferred channel of communication is through the imagination and dreams at night.

It speaks in symbols.

Signs, characters, feelings, colors, synchronicities, but rarely english.

The beauty of its language is that a huge amount of meaning can be packed into short scenes and images that occur within your dreams and imagination.

However, it's up to us to give it the time of day.

Ignorance Is Far From Bliss 🔦

Find Your Soul

Or else.

People wonder why they have a void inside them, but they’re too busy to do anything about it.

All they have time for is to stuff it full of Netflix, sugar, sex, and substances.

“Good try” says Void.

Sickness Of All Kinds

The soul will get your attention one way or another.

Through disease, sickness, pathology, or at the very least, some degree of mental discomfort.

The more you ignore it’s call, the more it will go to increasingly extreme ends to make contact and ‘get in front of you’.

Required To Address

There is no skipping over this part in life.

It’s a must-do along the journey.

You might as well start turning inward and get things sorted out as they come.

No one likes a heavy lift.

Inner Life 💠

Seeking Flow

The flow of energy and information that happens when you start to communicate with soul is what it’s all about.

It’s like an acorn having a chat with the blueprint of the oak it will eventually become.

The soul is impossibly bigger than the ego and knows you from all angles. Knows you better than you could ever know you. Knows you in a way that isn’t biased, blinded, or bound by anything.

To have that perspective and intelligence as a resource is the most important relationship we can form.

The Harmony Possible

Synchronizing with our soul is transformative.

You remain with an eye for the magic that surrounds us all.

You forget the divinity in all things less often.

You become predominately led from within and simultaneously more connected than ever to the dynamics between the internal and external world.

The art your life is meant to be gains higher resolution.

You are constantly arriving to answers on your quest or sitting contentedly with the unknown, trusting the path.

In Right Relationship

Unity within expands to greater balance without.

You bring your puzzle piece into harmony and the world benefits from one less staticky soul.

Right relationship with your inner world leads to keeping tempo with nature.

Things fit. Things click. Doors open. And ‘smooth’ becomes the best word to describe your life.

Carrying Evolution Forward ⏩

An Individual’s Journey

The grand story and path of evolution didn’t dust its hands and take a break when it got to you.

No - it craves your contribution just as much as anyone’s.

You want change. You need change. The world is never not changing.

We all know those people who haven’t changed in years. It’s not simply that they remained neutral the whole time. Nature is evolving every second, all the time.

These people technically devolved by not keeping up with the natural pace of change.

Instead of moving with the change, they actively avoided it.

Effort is involved either way.

You don’t even have to have a never-ending series of transformations.

Usually it takes one or two to put you back on the right track, but from there on you just need to pick your feet up and float down stream.

Personal Responsibility

You may not be at fault for everything, but it is up to you to deal with it.

It is better to believe that no one is coming to save you, or fix you, or change you. When you let the full weight hit your shoulders it can knock you down, it’s a heavy load to take full responsibility for your life.

But at the same time, it’s empowering.

YOU get to make a difference.

YOU get to direct the story of your life.

YOU get to do something about YOUR problems.

We never look up to pretend victims.


On the biggest stage, we all land on the spectrum of consciousness - some further along than others.

There have been watershed moments in my life, moments where I woke up. Moments where I remembered a deeper truth and life hasn’t been the same since. Almost as if I had been looking at life through a prescribed peep hole up until that point.

Evolving my consciousness is a feeling of becoming more aware. More aware in an all-direction type of way. An all-dimension type of way.

Forgetting less. Remembering the magic of life and acknowledging the mystery more often.

Build top-tier mental wealth

Let's keep your soul off airplane mode.

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