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Why I Think Our Own Individual Experience Is The Most Important

Mitchell Wilson


Mitchell Wilson


Feb 8, 2023

Why I Think Our Own Individual Experience Is The Most Important

Your Own 3D Experience Is The Most Important 🔔

"You have to take seriously the notion that understanding the universe is your responsibility, because the only understanding of the universe that will be useful to you is your own understanding."

- Terrence McKenna

It's More Real Than Anything Else

If human consciousness was like an aired up (divine) ball, you would find that any given point you touched on the ball could technically be the center. You could make it so that the rest of the ball spins around this one central point.

Same goes for you too. This is how it feels to be a human.

You are the center of the world in a lot of ways. Simultaneously the center of everything & the center of nothing.

Now, we all know those people who do think they are the center of everything (in an ineffective way). That's not what we're talking about here. We're talking about how you experience the world and how to make the most use out of that experiential frame.

Zoomed in, firsthand experience. Player one, where skin meets air.

There you are.

It Contains The Most Relevant Information

Your own real life experience has the most valuable data you need.

It is connected to your context, people, memories - everything.

Where's the food? What am I responsible for today? Who's mad at me?

These types of things are immediately important for you.

What someone said 1,000+ miles away yesterday about some random topic doesn't deserve an ounce of priority in your life.

Sure, you can entertain the abstract and ideas outside your sphere of influence, but to some degree it will always come at a cost to your real life POV.

There's no harm in sharing notes.

Cross-verify with other people's reality tunnels on their intentional designs and the results that follow.

Advice, wisdom, and tips typically help only in specific situations when they apply. Just don't get lost in the sauce. Majority of the time, keep looking straight ahead.

I see life as a path full of lessons, challenge, & beauty.

The inertia of history & evolution moves us towards the future. Forever forward.

And as we go down our own private path, we look for signs, tips about what lies ahead, & who we may share the walk with.

Even still, those things aren't nearly as important as what we come to know with our own two eyes moment to moment.

It's The Only Place You Can Make A Difference

"I care not much for a man's religion whose dog and cat are not the better for it."

-Abraham Lincoln

In your own head, you may think you're onto some next level 'I am for sure going to heaven' type shit.

But what does your kids think about it? What does your dog think about it?

If you hold only yourself in Light, then others will be held in the Dark.

People bypass what's right in front of them. They skip the part where other people are affected.

They want to change the world-at-large, but forget that means their own world too needs changed.

I argue that's where we all ought to start. It starts at home.

If you can't keep that shit running smooth, how exactly do you think it'll work on even higher levels? 😂

In a similar way, people nowadays are losing so much of their precious time & mind to grand conspiracies. Most claims revolving around the idea of high-level organizing to bring about evil.

Doubt it.

Not that there's not evil stuff happening all the time. BUT, human psychology tells me that if my lady and I can barely agree on what restaurant to go eat at, I imagine it impossible for a group of folks to decide how the world ought to be taken over.

Nonetheless, it's a disempowering belief.

It doesn't do you any good.

It makes you feel smaller and helpless.

I have no use in my life for disempowering beliefs. They don't serve me or the people I'm responsible for.

Even if true, it's the last thing I want to focus on.

By ruthlessly focusing on only what I can control (what's in my sphere of influence), I am empowered to make a meaningful difference in my life.

If I'm able to make a meaningful difference in my life, perhaps that ripples out locally and maybe even globally in some way.

But it has to start here, at home.

There's no bypassing.

Piecing Together Truths About World-At-Large

There's only so much time and sanity to go around.

Ultimately, if you don't do your divine duty of bringing to the world the puzzle piece that only you can bring forth, the world will forever be missing a piece.

It's a treasure hunt of enormous magnitude with digging of gems happening at the individual level.

Happy hunting 💎

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Let's keep your soul off airplane mode.

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