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The Sacred Depth Of Being A Black Sheep & Finding Your Way

Mitchell Wilson


Mitchell Wilson


Feb 8, 2023

The Sacred Depth Of Being A Black Sheep & Finding Your Way

"When people tell you something is impossible, try it anyway just to make sure."

-Dan Koe

Black Sheep 🐑🪩

Toka-pa Turner's Black Sheep Gospel:

  1. Give up your vows of silence which only serve to protect the old and the stale.
  2. Unwind your vigilance, soften your belly, open your jaw and speak the truth you long to hear.
  3. Be the champion of your right to be here.
  4. Know that it is you who must first accept your rejected qualities, adopting them with the totality of your love and commitment. Aspire to let them never feel outside of love again.
  5. Venerate your too-muchness with an ever-renewing vow to become increasingly weird and eccentric.
  6. Send out your signals of originality with frequency and constancy, honouring whatever small trickle of response you may get until it becomes a momentum.
  7. Notice your helpers and not your unbelievers.
  8. Remember that your offering needs no explanation. It is its own explanation.
  9. Go it alone until you are alone with others. Support each other without hesitation.
  10. Become a crack in the network that undermines the great towers of Establishment.
  11. Make your life a wayfinding, proof that we can live outside the usual grooves.
  12. Brag about your escape.
  13. Send your missives into the network to be reproduced. Let your symbols be adopted and adapted and transmitted broadly into the new culture we’re building together.

Which of these resonate the most with you?

Let's unpack a few of my favorites:

Unwind Your Vigilance

Vigilance means to be extra concerned with steering clear of danger.

By unwinding, we allow ourselves to take the risk of being wrong. We get a chance to do what's right for our spirit.

Soften Your Belly, Open Your Jaw

When we lack awareness, we can very easily be holding onto lots of tension in our body.

If you use common sense, you can see how this keeps things pent up, doesn't allow for flexibility, and makes you rigid in your ways.

By softening and opening, we get out of our own way. We let it go despite the fear, despite our worries.

Speak The Truth You Long To Hear

We know deep down inside of us what we're craving the world to say.

For example, when we're hearing a friend relay the latest download of wisdom they've gotten or watching a lecture and the person speaking words their take in a certain way that just clicks.

Pay attention to those 'clicks' because they are signs of alignment. Signs of truth that match up with what your soul also knows to be true.

We have to share those bits and pieces of truth that have clicked for us with others. If they resonated with us, then they're bound to do the same with many other peers.

When you speak truth, you feel whole. And that alone is reason enough.

Venerate Your Too-Muchness

Take up space. Respect all of your uniqueness - no need to hide it.

We tend to want to fit in and squeeze ourselves down into something we're not just for the sake of social cohesion.

Nah nah - take the risk of being yourself. A high price society puts on us  to behave in our most natural way of selfing.

An Ever-Renewing Vow To Become Increasingly Weird And Eccentric

We must constantly re-commit ourselves. To double down on what makes us weird.

We must become serious about being eccentric. We renew our dedication to all that is unique because given enough time, we devolve into a place of 'same same'.

To be normal is to have given up. To have given in to what you are not.


Send Out Your Signals Of Originality With Frequency And Constancy

You might have the best vibe in the entire world, but if you're in solitude & heads down, we won't be lucky enough to meet you.

Tell us about your perspective, share what you've learned, put it out there what's true for you. Express yourself.

Be crazy specific too. The more human you are about it, the more that another human is going to resonate with it.

Do it often, all the time. The right people will surface.

Honouring Whatever Small Trickle Of Response You Get Until It Becomes A Momentum

When you're putting yourself out there into the world. It may be crickets for a lot longer than you'd prefer.

Totally fine.

Because when someone does respond to your message, your way, your vibe, you will cherish it beyond belief.

It will mean so much to you to hear from others that relate.

Keep going and let it build organically, no need to rush because eventually it will ripple further and further in the best possible way.

Go It Alone Until You Are Alone With Others

'Alone with others'

That hits hard in a good way.

We all feel like we're in this alone (and it is a journey of the individual). BUT, this is true for others as well, which means that if you can find overlap and realize that we can all walk each other home, it becomes much more wholesome.

Support Each Other Without Hesitation

This has been a work in progress for me in the last few years.

People would ask for favors or feedback or help in general and occasionally I would feel it as a real inconvenience to what I already had going on.

Maybe it cut into my plans, maybe it cut into my attention, maybe I thought of them as competition, maybe I just wasn't in the mood.

But those trickles of response and support and generous help I continue to receive just washed away my hesitations.

Now I see it more of a noble duty than a nuisance.

It goes along way when you're on the receiving end, and feels good to help on the other.

Make Your Life A Wayfinding

Spiritual navigation - one of my favorite things to jam on.

This is the path of the soul. This is what it's all about.

This is what we're all thinking about on a deep level whether we realize it or not.

"How do I get through this life?"

"What's the best way to live?"

"Where am I going?"

"Why am I lost?"

For me, it's path seen by the heart not the eyes. Felt by the soul.

The synchronicities are the signs that let me know I'm in the right place, at the right time. Things are aligned.

It's exciting in only the supreme way that solving a mystery can be exciting.

Of course, the mystery is never solved, but when you stumble upon Truth and solid ground for your soul to stand on, you know it.

Proof That We Can Live Outside The Usual Grooves

You've probably been on the internet enough to know that there are a gazillion different ways to get down with this whole life thing.

Regardless of where we've come from, our upbringing all made its impact on us. It still initially painted a picture of what the 'approved' grooves were.

I imagine that if you're reading this right now, you're also not the kid that grew up to be exactly what your mom and dad had planned.

You veered off.

For better or worse, you began making your own way or at least following someone else's influential way.

For the longest time I had this mental battle going on that I probably shouldn't live too unique of a life because not everyone can do it too.

"All these great travels, and skydives, and psychedelics, and weed business, and kids young, and creative expressions -- it feels a little unfair that I get to live this way."

That's how I used to think.

"If I'm ever to show others the way, it's going to be difficult because no one is in the exact same situation."

These were how my old thought loops went.

Now I know different.

Now I know that by going my own way and following the path that means the most to me deep down, it can lead others to finding their own way too.

Again, as Toko-pa said, "Go it alone until you are alone with others."

I'm not meant to show others the details needing to be followed, no.

I'm meant to stick to the compass of my soul and encourage others to do the same when they feel called.

The Way is The Way is The Way.

We all have our Way and the first step is witnessing that it's possible.

Be the proof for people.

Build top-tier mental wealth

Let's keep your soul off airplane mode.

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