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The Mediocre Middle: Why Settling For Less Than You Could Be Is Terrifying

Mitchell Wilson


Mitchell Wilson


Nov 24, 2023

The Mediocre Middle: Why Settling For Less Than You Could Be Is Terrifying

Life needs to be nerve-racking, compelling, and beyond predictable.

Imagine the alternative, what some call…normal. Normal is a myth. It’s a lie to promote mediocrity. It’s an excuse to scoot by without a scratch. To justify playing it safe. To make God yawn of boredom.

Settling for a monotone existence ought to be scary, for even a bad life is more full than a bland one.


Like the pond cutoff from fresh spring water, your life can stagnate if you’re not careful.

Become too passive and it’s inevitable. Plateaus aren’t real. You’re either going up or going down, there’s a gravity to it no matter how subtle.

The stagnate pond doesn’t simply hit equilibrium and call it ‘good’.


The first ingredient of a mediocre life is complacency.

You’ve grown enough, you’ve learned enough, and see no reason to become better than you already are. This is a central blind spot (even if you were the one who put the blinders on). Complacent people lack gusto. They lack the life force energy transferred to others via inspiration and vibe. When Passion’s sign on the door gets flipped to ‘Closed’.

It’s easier to course-correct momentum. Much harder to start from scratch and set things in motion once more.

Before you let things come to a halt, dig deep, and see how you can become fascinated & gripped by what’s possible.

Renewable Motivation

There’s a stigma around having negative reasons to drive us.

You want it to be the happy-go-lucky posters, affirmations, and inspiring speakers, but that’s not reality. Deep, long-lasting motivation can also come from the doubters, the naysayers, and the dream-suckers.

Anything will do.

A chip on the shoulder, a God in the sky, and a fire under your *ss.

You want to be motivated by everything.

Do not be biased about the fuel source.

Use anger. Use envy. Use jealousy. Use frustration. These are in endless supply.

You run on these and you’ll never run dry.

You won’t run out of gas at a bleak ‘plateau’.

Don’t end up there.

It’s middle of the road. It’s being on the fence. It’s a life without opinion. It’s a life without a backbone. It’s a life of going through the motions just to keep the damn cliché alive.

Do not let your passion for life fizzle.

Become curious.

Become lovers with ‘what if’.

Become more than you are.

Make something of yourself.

It’s all before you.

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Let's keep your soul off airplane mode.

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