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Heart-Bloom: From Having My Mind Blown To Opening My Heart

Mitchell Wilson


Mitchell Wilson


Feb 7, 2024

Heart-Bloom: From Having My Mind Blown To Opening My Heart

Opening your heart is no easy task.

Some people’s hearts get clamped shut during childhood, others let their hearts harden gradually. This, luckily, is a predicament that can be reversed with some intention and work applied. 

Remember, even the Grinch pulled it off.

Mind-Blowing Experiences

This past decade of my 20s included dozens of times of having psychedelic experiences that changed the way I understand the world & myself.

Overall, it’s been a trip well worth taking. I don’t know how else it would have been possible to come to these perspectives and somatic understandings without them. They caused me to wake up to new layers of reality I was previously blind to and unaware of. Feeling connected to the entire universe. Diving back into the memory banks in hyper detail. Seeing the entire life journey from birth to death of everyone I love. Meeting my son before he was born. Times when I was so far beyond this world I forgot about our planet and being a human and being Mitchell. Times when I touched pure ecstasy and suffered ultimate terror. 

I’m grateful for them all.

As a family man with a full plate, I don’t feel called to dance with the dimensions for quite a while. I’m good. I’ve been to the well and had my fill.

Nowadays it’s more about fully integrating everything I learned and using it for the best possible life.

This evolving education is moving down the nervous system to the heart.

Nurturing the Heart-Bloom

This is where my work lies now.

I can intellectually understand the idea of walking in someone else’s shoes. I can imagine that had I too gone through every single moment of their life under the same circumstances, I would have probably come to the same state of being and conclusion as they have. How could it be any different? What would be the variable otherwise? So I want to open my heart and do more loving with it.

I’ve met saint-like people, their hearts are so sweet it’s magnetic. They have such a powerful glow about them. It’s clear to see it stems from their heart. I’m not too certain if they were born this way or worked on it. Either way, it’s a worthy pursuit.

I can’t imagine a ceiling on compassion, empathy, & love.

The Ripple Effect

Things spread.

Whether that’s emotions, moods, attitudes, or feelings in the air - they travel. And we all are creating ripples all the time. It would behoove you to consider what’s rippling out from your life (and what’s rippling in!)

The best part about the ripple effect is that no matter how small the drop of energy or intention may be, it will get noticed.

Think of how water works.

It’s impossible to add a drop to a container of water without at least some bit of rippling.

That’s you.

That’s your life.

That’s your heart.

Let’s ripple.

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Let's keep your soul off airplane mode.

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