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The 3 Steps You Can Take To Stay Totally Confused About Your Life Direction

Mitchell Wilson


Mitchell Wilson


Sep 19, 2023

The 3 Steps You Can Take To Stay Totally Confused About Your Life Direction

How To Stay Totally Confused About Your Life:

Sometimes concepts fit into our brains better when we flip them upside down.

I could have written this about how to stay clear and focused on your unique path, but instead, we're going to attack the issue from the inverse.

For evolutionary reasons, we're optimally built to avoid negatives more so than we are to seek out positives.

With that said, let's dig into the 3 steps.

1. Consume Constantly

What's everyone else up to?

Better go find out - and quick too, don't want to miss anything. There's too many important things you're needing to ignore about your own situation.

Check out what everyone else is doing, thinking, and caring about.

If they're caring about it, you probably should too right?

Those folks, having their own genre of thoughts, making new things, singing a different song - they're the daredevils. Taking one for the crowd, putting themselves out there for the rest of us to enjoy, mock, or envy.

Don't be like them. Stay safe. Stay in your lane. Stay put.

Let their desires become your own.

2. Dismiss Your Own Ideas, Opinions, & Desires

There will be times that you want to speak up, share your own perspective, and express something authentic - that's the danger zone.

Instead, when those pesky things happen, sprinkle them with doubt, shame, or delusion.

Feel that soulful call towards something meaningful?

Ignore it.

Hang up.

Let the fear build up so much so that your hand trembles too much to even make an attempt to answer.

This is how you intentionally stay confused.

3. Stick To This For The Foreseeable Future

Since this method of confusion and disarray is working out 'so well' and 'good', be sure to get better at it over time.

Find new ways to stay confused and off your path. I don't know everything and I'm certain there's some innovation to be had. (Just get it from someone else)

Don't change a thing.

Let entropy take care of the rest.


I'll admit, that felt super weird to write in such a backwards way.

I feel like I won't sleep as well tonight if I don't correct course here and leave things on a good note.

Here's the gist of how to stay clear & focused:

  • Counteract all the consumption with creating a bit of culture too. We're waiting to hear from you!
  • Just because you had the idea doesn't mean it isn't valuable. Take stock and give yourself from credit. You'd be surprised by your own wisdom.
  • AND, if you do veer off and hit some fog on your path, remember to come back to center. No need to hit the ditch over a few degrees of misdirection.

Build top-tier mental wealth

Let's keep your soul off airplane mode.

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