The 1 Tricky Mistake Ambitious People In Their 20s Make (After Getting What They Want)

Mitchell Wilson


Mitchell Wilson


Feb 9, 2023

The 1 Tricky Mistake Ambitious People In Their 20s Make (After Getting What They Want)

You’ve never been told what to keep in mind after you get what you wanted.

There needs to be a framework to help prevent disappointment the next time something good happens to you. Young ambitious people in their 20s are terrified of stagnation and want the most out of their personal growth. I’ve gotten everything I’ve truly wanted and typically felt disappointed soon after since it wasn’t 100% perfect & problem-free. I now know that this is how it goes and what to expect. 

With the right frame of mind, you’ll realize it’s still net-positive. ‍

Grass Gap

The grass is always greener where you’re not standing, right?

It’s hardwired into you that soon after arriving upon that new shade of green you start seeing how it’s not actually as great as you had thought. Flaw here, flaw there. But what you want on a meta-level is to accumulate better problems. You’ll never be problem-free (and you may not even enjoy that anyway). 

It’s happened to all of us. We want a different job, we get that job, and then realize it’s not like we had imagined it to be. 

The boss still irks you a bit, the day still passes too slow, and you’re still not filthy rich on an island.

The mistake we make, what I call the Grass Gap, is that we completely forget that we manifested this better opportunity and it came true. We forget that this job is better than the last one.

We forget that we’ve actually landed ourselves a better problem to grapple with.

There’s no escaping this conundrum of problems, it’s everywhere we go, but if we remain cognizant of the fact that we’re still on the path of betterment, it’s not so bad.

We can even be glad damnit!

Here’s what you do:

  • Continue asking for what you want

There’s always going to be a higher level to aim at, more creativity to apply. Your life is an unfinished masterpiece and there’s transformation to be had.

  • Remember the power of manifesting

You can actually get what you want and THAT is so amazing, don’t forget it! People sleep on the fact that they can create a better life for themselves with intention and action.

  • Keep in mind that life will still have its flaws

It’s vitally important you remember that the problem of problems themselves will never disappear. Solve one, and a few more pop up.

But they’ll be better than before. 

That’s the best metric of progress fundamentally - better than before.

Spectrum Of Problems

At some point in the future, you may feel a bit disappointed with how great you expected something to be because it ended up bringing about its own challenges.

Now knowing about the Grass Gap, you’ll have more clarity and awareness around the issue and you won’t sweat it as much. You’ll come to expect it.

You’ll know it’s a part of how it works. It’s the small fee for getting what you want.

As you move through life, you’ll find the problems that are worth solving. Problems that you choose to solve.

Morale of the story:

Don’t be surprised when you’re still facing problems even after you get what you want. Just remember that they were upgraded too.

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