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Stewarding The Soul Towards Wholeness: Why Discernment Is Crucial For Getting Your Heart In The Right Place

Mitchell Wilson


Mitchell Wilson


Aug 31, 2023

Stewarding The Soul Towards Wholeness: Why Discernment Is Crucial For Getting Your Heart In The Right Place

It’s a wonder that we can get any grip at all on life.

There is an infinitely complex world hitting us from all angles.

Information overload is a radical understatement. As soon as you get one little piece of life figured out, there’s another piece falling out of line. Balance is a myth. It’s not a stable state. It’s actually a continuous coming-back-to that gives the perception of balance.

And that’s what we must do as we go about life - come back to our center of gravity over and over and over again.

The question I’m obsessed with in this regard is: Just how close can we stay to this center of gravity?

How dialed in can we get and for how long?

Like a flow state, but for your whole existence…

Channeling Life’s Data

I was sitting by the creek this morning. Taking it all in. The water moved across the rocks, bouncing around, and covering me in a blanket of sounds.

Every drop of water passing by was new and different from the last. It reminded me of how reality itself is live-streamed moment by moment.

It’s difficult to tell where this Now-ness originates. One of the most interesting ways to experience this is to close your eyes and listen to the sounds that surround you.

Isn’t it strange that they come seemingly out of nowhere and fade away just the same?

The neat thing about this reality stream flowing in is that it can take shape and form into something we can start to comprehend.

For better or for worse, the human brain is optimizing for pattern recognition.

It’s how we make sense of things and assign meaning to what comes through. The worrisome part is picking up on patterns that aren’t actually there or (equally as bad) missing patterns that are there.

Because of this, it’s safe to say that one of the greatest skills to develop in our age is discernment.

Discernment keeps you out of blind obedience and the black abyss.

Yes, question the status quo and the status woah. There are only a trillion narratives out there to navigate through. All with their own energies, agendas, and consequences of belief.

Choose wisely because you have to choose.

Not choosing leaves you in limbo and limbo kills.

Limbo is freefall.

Limbo is worse than hell.

Hell is at least defined.

Limbo is a black box of confusion.

Limbo will leave you alive, but mentally gone. Worse than death.

These are existential stakes and existential games not to be played lightly.

Discernment is your only hope.

So, watch the information coming through. Both from reality and the feeds you scroll.

Scan the inner world too.

And then, with your wisdom, make the necessary life decisions as you see fit.

Those that lift you up, empower and make you feel whole.

Go Out And Get It

We all need a central commitment.

Something beyond ourselves and our own little bubbles. It’s only the transpersonal aspirations that will allow you to bear the unbearable. Too small of an ambition won’t make it worth all the hardship inevitably headed your way.

Even if you aren’t crystal clear (because who is) you can get the directionality right.

Just because you may not know the longitude and latitude doesn’t mean you have to lack the attitude.

“God gives every bird a worm, but he does not throw it into the nest.” - Swedish Proverb

You might as well count on the struggle.

You’re going to have to work for what you want and it’s 100% natural and okay to want something. It’s funny because some folks shy away from their desires, thinking it’s naughty to want a certain life. What’s more worth noting is that all desires have their costs associated with them. And it’s keeping in mind this cost that’s most important to me.

When you do that, you can better weigh your options, your desires, and what’s worth the sacrifice.

As soon as you know what you truly want, be relentless. Be ruthlessly optimistic about it. Be willing to die trying.

As Alex Hormozi of Acquisition . com likes to say, “If you do not quit, you cannot lose.”

Oh, and yeah, death is coming for us all.

It’s better to keep this fact in mind than deny it. Once you’re using it to help make decisions, many of the things before tripping you up become so trivial you might burst out into spontaneous laughter. And wouldn’t that be great?

To align with the truth in our decision-making and laugh in the face of life, this beautiful tragic wonderful life we get to live.

In a world saturated in free will for all to leverage.

Divine Focus

There’s a good chance you’re holding onto more than you have to.

The anxiety, the hopes, the cares, the worries, and the weight of the collective. It’s not yours to hold. It’s not yours to carry. Put it on some higher being. Put it on God. Let him deal with it. You don’t know the true course of your life any more than the next soul.

Why waste today’s good energy on a hypothesis that likely won’t even manifest?

Instead, take care of your heart.

Not the one that pumps blood through your body, but the one that pumps love through the world. Let yourself be heart-led. Equalize the head’s influence over your life and amplify that sweet spot in the center of your chest.

Let this be your sacred lens.

It’s a harmonious process of stewarding what’s yours to steward and releasing what’s yours to release.

These are the yellow and white lines on the road of your life. And between the two is the space where deep fulfillment can be gained.

Where the mystery of existence makes its smiling wink.

Build top-tier mental wealth

Let's keep your soul off airplane mode.

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