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Redefining ‘Enough’ And Creating An Audacious Self-Renewal

Mitchell Wilson


Mitchell Wilson


Nov 27, 2023

Redefining ‘Enough’ And Creating An Audacious Self-Renewal

What problem am I solving?

Whatever you are aiming to do, it’s a worthwhile exercise to pause and ask this question. 

Back in college, I would indulge in the mental masturbation of lifestyle design - vision boarding & journaling my way into what the perfect life would look like day to day. At some point, it became too abstract and disconnected from realtime actions. Ultimately, what you do is what you get and so along the journey I’ve steered back towards practicality.

But lately I’m thinking I threw the baby out with the bathwater and need to spend the time reassessing what the outcome I’m going for looks & feels like.

Wealth Is A Clear Definition Of The Word ‘Enough’

Once while running a moving business, we went to move this guy from one mansion to another.

He had all the things you’d ever want materialistically - the cars, the house, the saunas, the plunges, the family, the gym, the business….all the jazz. And, to be honest, he seemed genuinely happy.

I’ll never forget finding an old, tossed-aside vision board from several years previously in this guy’s garage closet. I kid you not, every single thing had come true that he set out to do (and likely better than imagined). It was impressive. I’ve been thinking back on that because had he not established the vision beforehand, he could have easily achieved similar results yet been dissatisfied with it.

You won’t ever know what’s enough if you don’t take the time to define it. 

Put boundaries on your vision. 

What’s blurry is lost and what’s clear is granted.

The World Won’t Do It For You

There won’t come a day when you walk to your mailbox and pull out a letter that reads, “Congratulations, you have enough!”

If you don’t define your enoughness, the world will continually run away from you.

Before you know it, you won’t realize you’ve been chasing an illusion all along. 

The world runs on not-enoughness. Everything from money & power all the way down to breaths & heartbeats, ya just need more.

If you’re unconsciously waiting for that letter in the mail to arrive, it’s not coming. Not only is it not coming, but you will be bombarded with the complete opposite constantly. 

See through it.

Continuous Reinvention

Opt to be excessively bold in your humble pursuits.

You can do truly great small things with consistent actions. Let your attention fall onto the day at hand with a dwindling preoccupation with the Big Picture. It’ll be there in the end, just keep to your daily brushstrokes. Usually we’re too proud for this. We’re too big to stoop so low. This is the purpose of renewal. Coming back with a fresh mind. Coming back with patience. Coming back after the know-it-all phase.

It all repeats, never a one-and-done.

Build top-tier mental wealth

Let's keep your soul off airplane mode.

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