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Reclaiming Materialism After Gaining Spiritual Peace

Mitchell Wilson


Mitchell Wilson


Oct 22, 2023

Reclaiming Materialism After Gaining Spiritual Peace

Our lives aren’t spent in monk-mode.

The material world matters too much to ignore and discount. You can easily lose yourself in it and stop short of thinking past it. But it’s worthwhile to consider your relationship with the material world, how you feel about it, and what to do about it.

It starts with letting go and anchoring to something deeper. Only then can you come back with fresh eyes, ready to get after it.

Letting Go

Think of the worst aspects of materialism:

  • Keeping up with the Jones’s
  • Fast fashion, fast food, fast sex, fast vacation, abundance of trash
  • Stress about money to buy stuff to impress people you don’t even like

Materialism is hated for good reason - most people are doing it wrong. When it’s for surface-level reasons, based on shallow values, it needs to be ditched. This would be a clear sign for soul-searching, for an exploration of deeper meaning in your life.

Before you can ever reclaim materialism with purposeful depth, you first have to let it go and turn your attention towards the immaterial, and place your values there.

Waking Up

We’re spiritual creatures too - in the world but not of it.

There’s another layer to the game, another dimension. One that we unquestionably have to come to terms with if we’re ever to allow our souls a fighting chance of peace now & prosperity later. We have to connect with something higher.

The beautiful thing about our time is that there are many paths back Home.

There’s no one way, don’t let them sell ya. Where you stand is what you see.

The fact that you’re even on your way is good enough for me, regardless of the words used, practices made, or symbols & beings praised. It delights me to see people recognizing we’re not the pinnacle.

This world is a miracle and it’s possible (and necessary) to gain some degree of spiritual peace.

Get your heart in a good spot because you can’t hold yourself in light and another in darkness.

As that Outkast song goes,

“I know you'd like to think your shit don't stank, but

Lean a little bit closer, see

Roses really smell like poo poo”

Getting A Grip

So then you come back.

You make the full circle.

Back to where you started, this time, with fresh eyes and a new understanding.

If you avoid materialism and discount it as not important, people who do claim it….despite their spiritual dealings (or lack thereof), will win in the material world.

Which is where, like it or not, you must live out your life too.

While you’re busy getting TuNeD iN, they’re getting rich.

And eventually, when you realize you’re 40 years old, bound for heaven, and broke as a joke, you’ll be pissed.

You’ll envy those who made moves while you overcorrected on finding yourself.

You want both spiritual AND material prosperity.

In my head, I see it as 100% possible to have both. I want to reclaim materialism now that I have a taste of spiritual peace.

I want to ascend in both realms.

The gold here AND there.

Build top-tier mental wealth

Let's keep your soul off airplane mode.

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