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Managing Dichotomies, Pinpointing Limiting Illusions, & Keeping The Devil At Bay

Mitchell Wilson


Mitchell Wilson


Sep 4, 2023

Managing Dichotomies, Pinpointing Limiting Illusions, & Keeping The Devil At Bay

You know when you’re a kid and climbing up the doorway or the hallway walls by pushing on each side?

This is what I think of when someone mentions they’re between a rock and a hard place. This visual gives me hope that no matter what, if there’s a will there’s a way. As always, I want to hit you with some more ideas and strategies that have elevated me recently.

Let’s dig in and see how to scale those walls that surround us.

This And That

Not everything is a problem to be fixed, it’s usually a dichotomy to be managed.

Society wants you to think in black-and-white terms, but the world doesn’t work that way. It doesn’t have to be an either/or choice, it can oftentimes be both. And there are more things in our life where we need to apply both as the answer (instead of making ourselves dizzy trying to make a decision between one or the other).

I’m incredibly ambitious and have a gnawing itch to take over the world. But, I’m also a father with a family who loves to slow down and be present for quality time together.

I’m obsessed with business, entrepreneurship, and what it takes to create something that works in the marketplace. But, I’m also in tune with my soul and recognize the religious & spiritual dimensions that continue to shape me.

I’m a fierce competitor who wants to win every game I play regardless of the trivial stakes. But, I’m also a major proponent of collaboration, working together, and achieving something bigger than ourselves.

I’m well aware of how delusional and untethered imagined possibilities could be. But, I’m still in favor of chasing dreams, tapping into the magic, and making your life more than simply what comes your way.

I’m one of the most disciplined people in my circle and am rigid with many of my routines. But, I also take time to surrender to spontaneity, coasting, and flowing as needed.

You want your cake and to eat it too. Surprisingly, it’s possible.

You just have to rectify it in your mind first before it becomes so in your life.

Calling BS On What’s Hard

What’s hard for you and what’s hard for me can be two different things.

There’s a difference in perception and we tend to overestimate how hard new pursuits are going to be - ​we make assumptions of difficulty​. And I want to push on these assumptions to see if they’re true. I want to pinpoint the limiting illusions and find out exactly how hard things are.

I’ve considered myself disciplined, but I’m hitting a whole new level lately and calling BS on what’s “hard”.

In the last 30ish days, I’ve:• lost 5 pounds• went through 90hr real estate course & passed license exam • wrote a 40-page business plan

* all while being super present w/ fam & full day job.

Has it been easy? Hell no.

Was it as hard as I initially thought? Not at all.

It was more achievable than expected and added a new layer of purpose & mission to my life. It’s been a consciously chosen weight I’ve put on myself and it’s been wonderful to uphold it.

I’ve established a new level in my mind with what’s possible and from now on I can’t not remember what I’m capable of.

I’d argue that most things that seem hard and difficult at the outset aren’t as bad as you’d think. And this is why you need to test your limits.

Trusting God (Except For Real)

Through all these new pursuits, I’ve been leaning on God more.

The gist of my prayers has been “Hey, I’m going to give this everything I’ve got. If you can, please look out for me and help it go as needed.” At first, I found myself questioning whether I could trust those prayers and trust God with my future. Almost like a child looking through their hands as they count during hide & seek. But, being patient with Grand Timing requires you to be….patient. Placing your trust in God requires you to….actually trust.

Thankfully there have been several special moments of synchronicity to confirm I’m being heard.

Like the other day when I quietly asked inwardly if my genuine messages were being heard and opened a book ‘randomly’ to a page that said “Bet on it”. Or how I was walking through a cemetery last week, one with thousands & thousands of tombstones, and started to ask again whether I could trust that things were going to work out.

Immediately I felt a tidal wave of don’t-you-worry-goodness and I looked up to see a huge tombstone adorned with beautiful flowers and the name…”Mitchell” on it.

It’s these sorts of things that remind me to laugh, relax, and to trust truly.

It’s a cause-and-effect world with an unknown ratio of magic mixed in.

Build top-tier mental wealth

Let's keep your soul off airplane mode.

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