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Load, Aim, & Faith: A Quick & Dirty Way To Triangulate Your Life’s Meaning

Mitchell Wilson


Mitchell Wilson


Feb 8, 2023

Load, Aim, & Faith: A Quick & Dirty Way To Triangulate Your Life’s Meaning

The weight you’re holding and where you’re headed in life says a lot about you.

But the real defining detail above all is what you believe in.

Because we all believe in something.

A quick check on these 3 items and you’ll be able to garner a fairly accurate soul status.

We all get lost from time to time and detoured by our ego’s selfish ways.

Being able to regain our True North puts our hearts at ease.

The Weight Of Responsibility

We are load-bearing creatures.

There’s no feeling quite like being useful.

The funny thing I tend to see in people feeling lost isn’t that they’ve taken on too much and become responsible for too many different things, but the complete opposite.

They feel like they aren’t contributing and it’s true.

They don’t understand what their life means because they aren’t doing anything meaningful.

It starts with being useful to yourself. Then maybe a pet. Then maybe another person. Then maybe your family. Then maybe your friends. Then maybe your community. Then maybe the world.

However, you can’t skip steps.

Carry something, heavier the better.

In economics, there’s no such thing as a free lunch and in life, there’s no such thing as a free load.

Your Current Trajectory

The forecast of your likely future results tells an interesting story that ought to be given the time of day.

You don’t want to be so in the thick of things that you forget to move the adventure forward.

You can get into a rhythm of checking all the boxes without ever taking the time to check The Box that you’re in.

Think outside it and consider where your days are leading you.

Course-correction will undoubtedly be needed - sometimes more dramatically if you haven’t been keeping a close eye as to your direction.

But that’s alright.

Every life is a squiggly line, never straight.

Just remember it’s being drawn in realtime.

Faith In Something

We are religious creatures.

We are all religious about something and it doesn’t have to be a formal religion.

Glance around and you’ll see people religiously following their diets, sports political teams, conspiracies, idols, and maybe just maybe…a god or The God.

We all have this God Seat inside of us and always occupied by some idea. Never vacant.

What’s most peculiar is that regardless of what we believe and what we’re religious about - we are all biased about it. We all find ourselves on the ‘good side’ on the noble fight.

It’s like our brains won’t let us believe in something that puts us in the Hell lane.


If anything, I push myself to continuously keep believing in something bigger and bigger and just when I think I can’t believe in something any bigger, my God definition stretches a bit more.

Build top-tier mental wealth

Let's keep your soul off airplane mode.

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