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How To Keep Your Ego In Check And Your Soul In Tune

Mitchell Wilson


Mitchell Wilson


May 14, 2023

How To Keep Your Ego In Check And Your Soul In Tune

Ego sets the aim, soul knows the way.

Both are necessary and have their proper place, except we tend to fall into dismissing one or the other. Either the ego is the enemy and we should squash it at all costs OR we are so caught up in our ego that we (unknowingly) put our souls on airplane mode. The major unlock happens when you get the two working in sync and see each’s true value for your life.

The ego is the point of contact for 3D reality and the soul is the point of contact for God.

Let’s dig into how to make the most of it.

Awake To Your Life

This is going to sound messed up, but do you ever have the feeling that some people you see or meet are just extras in this movie? Like the non-player characters in a video game who are not controlling themselves, but instead controlled by the game.

They seem so robotically bland, going along with things unconsciously, seeming to lack conviction & agency about anything. Maybe it’s a spectrum that we all fall somewhere on. The only way to notice is when you wake up from it.

Honestly, I have mushrooms to thank for waking me up. During that initial spiritual experience, I felt like my entire world and perception went from black & white to futuristic HD. I was finally able to perceive reality in a much clearer way. But it wasn’t until I had woken up that I even realized I had been asleep to begin with. I became re-infused with Mystery, Spirit, Nature, & God. It was a spiritual slap in the face that set me off on an entirely different life trajectory, thank goodness.

It would be amazing to have my words wake people up. But I’m certain that the truest, most certain way to wake up is via direct experience.

Some tragic or transpersonal episode that snaps you out of the daze and puts you back in the driver's seat of your life.

If you’re reading this, you likely already have your soul infused back into your life and have had some of your own direct experiences. But it doesn’t need to stop there. It is up to us to move through life, flicking on as many light switches of consciousness as possible.

The place needs to be brightened up.

And we must stay lit too.

If I’ve gotten good at anything in the last decade of self-discovery, it’s the art of fulfillment.

This is in contrast to what can be called the science of success.

It wasn’t until I untangled the two in my mind that I became aware of their distinct difference and ways of making them so. People tend to prioritize achieving success while leaving fulfillment in the dust, something they can deal with later, if at all. I chose the opposite approach and developed all the skills, experiences, and mental frameworks needed for fulfillment first. It’s a great place to be in - being fulfilled. Now that I’m whole I can turn my attention towards achieving success because the only way I could possibly make my life more fulfilling is by having more time to enjoy all that I already have. Which means success, for me, is all about freedom. The freedom to do what I want, when I want, with whoever I want.

It’s important to figure out where you’re at regarding these two dimensions so that you can place your focus more precisely.

Then it becomes all about flow and being in it.

When you’re enjoying life and your energy is alive, you’re awake, aware, attentive, and leaning into all that’s unfolding for you.

People notice.

People want to be a part of it. People recognize the vibe and want to be in your light. This is how one flow ripples into two. And two ripples into 10,000.

It is true that if you work on yourself, the rest takes care of itself because, in your life, YOU are the common denominator.

Ego Is A Nametag

Do you ever notice how even within a span of days or weeks you feel like you’re not the same person?

Yes, you might have the same shoe size and go by the same name, but the evolution happens quickly - for better or for worse. It’s weird to have this ego identity that will never fully encapsulate how we are and who we’re becoming. For this reason, I recommend not putting too much emphasis on your identity.

The point of life is to play the game, not to get caught up in customizing the character.

Don’t get it twisted though. You’re under no obligation to stagnate.

I’m confident Nature’s course is construed so that paying attention alone will cause you to evolve & grow in a beneficial direction. It actually takes more work once you’re awake not to evolve. You have to actively turn a blind eye in those moments where you have a chance to be better.

This is one way that knowledge really is a burden - you know better but choose not to do better. That creates an unnecessary weight you carry when the easier choice to make would be to act on the next right thing as you see it arise.

You are here to create yourself continuously.

Ego is just a nametag and it’s okay to act with a strong ego.

There’s a difference however between a strong ego and the calm steadfastness that originates in our soul and causes us to have a powerful presence. And this helps you lead a smooth life. One that is as frictionless as possible. All happens as it needs to without you getting in the way so much.

It’s the renewable resource that won’t leave you stranded on the side of the road and instead still truckin’ down your own path.

Connecting The Dots

I recently just found this wild visual of the Bible and it’s 60,000+ self-references.

Someone could have just said that statistic, but it’s much crazier to see it visually represented. As soon as I saw it, I immediately thought of how our lives might be visualized in the same way. Does our story have a lot of self-references happening or is it fairly linear & detached?

It seems like if the Bible is so tightly woven and integrated across time that we too may benefit from doing the same.You want your life story to compound like that too.

You want to make your past useful, relevant, and meaningful for your future. You want to take advantage of what’s come before in your life.

This could mean the relationships you carry with others across time.

This could mean the knowledge you’ve gained being extended into future moments where it’s needed.

A lot of this is about not disconnecting from your past because you think it doesn’t apply. Instead, imagine how you could stack it all on top of one another, connect the dots, and make it all matter.

It feels risky to do that - to include your past, to the fullest extent, in all that you are & do moving forward.

This is true integration. To be one whole person spread across dozens of chapters versus the hard breaks & clean cuts of starting from scratch repeatedly. This feels like the most honest way to live - the true story which seeks to be lived out.

The one where we lean in, let go, and let it be all that it really is.

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Let's keep your soul off airplane mode.

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