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Holy Hallways: How A Rural Church Sign Encouraged Me To Stay Curious & Open To Great Things

Mitchell Wilson


Mitchell Wilson


Apr 18, 2023

Holy Hallways: How A Rural Church Sign Encouraged Me To Stay Curious & Open To Great Things

The church sign read: “Until God opens the next door, praise him in the hallway.”

I burst out laughing in one of the more deep laughs I’ve had in months - that kind of laugh you can only get when you encounter a piece of wisdom.

I drive by a dozen church signs here in rural Tennessee every day, but this one hit.

Maybe it was my mind that day or maybe it’s the truth.

Let’s unpack it and learn.

Signage Implications


There’s a beautiful assumption here that IT is already in the works. Divine things are on the way and it’s only a matter of time.

Placing certainty in God, I love it.

Really, anything that provides the belief and context that great things are in motion, I dig.

‘Unfinished masterpiece’. ‘Unfolds as it needs to’.

Both of these hold a similar place in my mind.

“In The Hallway”

The subtle reminder that you are already in a place with doors that do open.

That place we are always in, on the moment-to-moment edge of opportunity showing itself.

Showing itself on its own convenient schedule, not ours.

The saying goes, “Man makes a plan and God laughs”, but, I tend to catch myself laughing in amazement at God’s plans more often than not.

You hear this word…gratitude, getting thrown around all the time. Practice gratitude, be grateful, use a gratitude journal… me, it’s all horse shit.

It’s hard to actually grasp that ‘thank you’ feeling by only thinking it. It’s pointless if only surface level.

BUT, what’s more genuine and more real, is paying close attention to when those good things happen and recognizing it with an embodied sensation of fortune.

Missing them might decrease their frequency, but catching them as they come has more upside.


The influx of synchronicities never ceases to amaze me.

Clear signals that I’m in the right place at the right time with the right mind. The ultimate intersection of mind/body/spirit. An X marks the spot type of thing.

The more I see it, the more of it I see.

It’s well past the point of calling them coincidences, shrugging them off, and then going about my day. NO. These are 5D divine notifications of unclear origin and cause. Gifts without wrapping.

The rate at which things are 'clicking' for me is going up, but at the same time, when I run into something that takes consideration and struggle, I'm enjoying that more too.

There are also those things that arise in our life that aren’t expected or desired.

The response takes two forms. Either you see it as a sign that you shouldn’t continue on with a previous decision, OR, that it’s a test to put a bit of pressure on a previous decision you made.

The ambitious part of me wants to automatically default to the latter and consider everything a test to push through, but when I reflect back on my life, there has many of times where it really was a sign to discontinue in a certain direction.

It comes down to discernment and being honest with yourself.

Hard to know, and only truly ‘known’ in hindsight I suppose of which response is best.

Perhaps the best discernment strategy here is to assume they are all tests and if it truly is a sign to discontinue, wait until the volume is cranked so high that you must comply.

The purpose behind this entire creative pursuit is to share with you my progress towards an ideal state of 1:1 harmony of soul and reality. Attainable? I’m not sure.

Initially, it sounds impossible and lofty, but at the same time, why not aim for the impossible? Why not hustle towards an ideal?

In the process, my hope is to trim the fat, so that if my soul were to be cut open, you will find no fluff. You will see no dust. For everything non-essential has been removed. Every aspect overturned and examined. Constantly refined and tended to.

Like a garden run by a master.


When I think mastery, I think of people who’ve spent decades on the same topic or with the same curiosity.

I recently heard a story of a man having spent 30+ years in the boat shipping world. Usually these things might slip on by, but that 3 decade thing stuck with me.

That’s 30 adult years getting really good at one thing.

Mind-blowing considering I’ve only been alive 29 years of total time. But when I reflect back on how much has been ‘accomplished’ in the last 10ish years, it’s wild.

The ongoing results have been heavily skewed towards more ‘invisible’ things like soulfulness, relationships, mental wealth, and compounding knowledge accumulation.

I’ll admit though, I do give myself lots of shit for having not as much externally to show for all the progress.

But in these ways I’ve mentioned, it’s been exponential growth.

Then when I consider all the time that lies before me, I feel tidal waves of excitement for what’s to come.

Curiosity continues to prove fruitful and fulfilling the more I tune in.

Build top-tier mental wealth

Let's keep your soul off airplane mode.

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