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Cerebral Camouflage: Why Your Ego Gets The Credit When Your Unconscious Mind Deserves It

Mitchell Wilson


Mitchell Wilson


Oct 15, 2023

Cerebral Camouflage: Why Your Ego Gets The Credit When Your Unconscious Mind Deserves It

The ego is a trophy shelf that thinks it’s won.

It gets to hold the trophies and be in the spotlight, yet hasn’t done a thing to earn it. The ego is a name tag taking credit but never blame. And the ego can’t help it, it’s bound to the representative role.

This trickery becomes less of an issue when you take the time to discern the limits of your ego.

The Trophy Shelf

Everyone has lost their keys.

But if you pay attention to what happens in the mind as you find them, you’ll notice that the idea of where they actually are comes to you from an unconscious place. It’s often not your conscious retracing of steps that delivers what you need to know, all above the surface. It’s 9 times out of 10 a suggestion from something that knows better.

Funny enough, when asked if we found our keys yet, we respond with “Yep, I found them.” And when asked how, “I remembered where I left them.”

Which, granted, is easier to say than “My unconscious awareness that absorbs all sensory data forever and always lets me know where they are.”

I, for short.

Unmasking The Unconscious

The unconscious is an uncelebrated hero.

It operates behind the scenes, constantly shaping our thoughts and behaviors. It gifts us with instinctive choices and eureka moments. It beats your heart, breathes the air, and keeps the ship sailing.

The unconscious doesn’t care for the applause, doesn’t desire the notoriety.

It’s happy to let the ego puff up with pride.

The Proudest Slacker

The ego grabs for all it can, it’s a lazy genius.

The ego isn’t the enemy. When it’s properly put in its place with a reality check, I see no issue. This miracle orchestra of trillions of cells needs a name. The ego, the I, makes things flow smoother, it decomplicates daily life & how society functions.

We have to remember who’s really running the show without bashing the ego, despite all its shenanigans.

Build top-tier mental wealth

Let's keep your soul off airplane mode.

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