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5 Simple Principles For When You Feel Lost So That You Can Recalibrate And Feel Free

Mitchell Wilson


Mitchell Wilson


Sep 19, 2023

5 Simple Principles For When You Feel Lost So That You Can Recalibrate And Feel Free

Sometimes all it takes is a quick framework to get your head back on straight. 

It’s easier than ever to get lost in the existential, but it doesn’t have to be hard to get back. It just takes a boost of awareness on a few levels of life you may be ignoring.

The 5 principles will help you recalibrate.

1) Circumstances Influence Our Life More Than Our Minds Do

You assume more control over situations than you actually hold, but what steers the ship more than anything is the current circumstances you find yourself in.

If you dig into this idea you realize how could this not be the case?

Any given situation is going to offer a limited array of options for the future no matter what you had in mind. Yes, of course, there are times when force and ‘mind over matter’ type agendas can pull otherwise inaccessible realities to you. Most often, though, you’re working with a limited number of paths to choose from for the next thing.

Do the next right thing.

2) Recognize The Simplicities

You could continue to operate with this mindset that all of your life is a chess game going from one move to the next with whatever the rules allow.

But the deeper game is to take advantage of the basic themes that repeatedly show up again and again.

Then to exploit them - you master these simplicities:

  • Breath
  • Food 
  • Water
  • Movement
  • Relationships

Look for those things that are within all circumstances. 

That way, regardless of the specifics of the circumstance, you’re well prepared for anything that comes.

3) Life Is Suffering, But You Choose Over What

I don’t think you have to stretch your imagination too far to know that life is suffering. 

It’s hard and we all have to deal with it. 

What most 99% of people don’t realize is that it’s crucial to choose what you’re suffering for. If you are without a doubt going to be experiencing suffering in your life, wouldn’t it make sense to at least have a purpose behind it? 

The meaningfulness you can intertwine with the suffering will keep you optimistic about what’s to come despite it being hard regardless.

This is what all the great movies and stories have within them - someone chooses what they’re willing to suffer for. You don’t want to see a loser who stays a loser. You don’t want to just watch someone go through the motions of their life suffering aimlessly.

No. You want transformation. You want to see the hero suffer for the right reasons. 

You want a story where someone shoots their shot in spite of the difficulty.

4) A Deep Enough Hindsight Into The Things That Uplift Your Soul Will Reveal A Pattern

The best way to discover what’s worth the suffering is to examine your life up until this point.

Bring to mind those things that lit you up (likely as a child).

  • What got you excited and set your heart on fire?
  • What uplifted your soul?

There will no doubt be at least a few ideas pop up. 

5) Liberation From Within

The point of the previous 4 principles is to set you free.

Once you’ve discovered the pattern of what makes you curious across time, you can do everything in your power to create your life around that revelation. You become liberated from within because you aren’t turning to the external world for validation of your soul’s calling - what you’re supposed to do.

It’s an inward process that only you can actually unlock.

Build top-tier mental wealth

Let's keep your soul off airplane mode.

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